Sunday, 21 April 2019

Welcome to OzReach


· Thanksgiving Lunch ·
The end of an era... 
We would like to invite you and your family to join us on February the 20th to celebrate all that
OzReach is and has been. Change has been afoot in OzReach over the past 12 months or so, and as a team we feel that we are at the end of an era.
From Outreach Australia, to OzReach, to looking towards birthing a Pioneer branch in Australia...we as a team feel like it's right in the Lord to call to an end to what has been the network of Ozreach, and have a blank page upon which to write the possible future of a Pioneer network in Australia. 
Over the years there have been many wonderful people connected to Kev Wilcock and OzReach, and we are gathering as many of us together as possible to have a time of thanksgiving for all that God has done among us, and He has indeed done great things.
· Lunch Details ·
12pm Saturday February 20
At Life Church Newcastle.
2nd Floor, Corner of Hunter and Watt Streets, Newcastle
No Cost.
Please RSVP by clicking the link below or contact Life Church at
A Note from Kev:
What a journey, I remember back in about 2000 kicking back & talking about the future with 6 pastors that were overseeing churches that we together as a team had planted & built up. Part of the future we discussed was who we would like to do church & ministry with. Having left a great denomination a year early for various reasons, we found ourselves searching for a tribe of ministers to belong to, without being owned or controlled.  We ended up deciding that maybe God had formed us as our own tribe, built on some very simple cultural & biblical principles that God had developed in us over the years. Things like being:
· Kingdom Focused that allowed us to venture across the whole body of Christ to receive & give.
· Relationally Connected which caused us to enjoy as many meals as meetings.
· Missionally Driven which started to cause some of our churches to venture into serving their communities in unique ways.
· Apostolically Lead which generally kept us politically & ambitious free. Having leaders just serve local churches.
· And to me one of the key cultural principles is -Real, Earthy & Uncluttered which we endeavoured to run through all we did, creating a lifestyle expression of faith that was able to mix it in its community & world keeping our feet on the ground.
We never really grew much over the years, not that, that was one our goals, we simply enjoyed hanging out, and doing life & ministry together.   Yes we planted some churches, helped plant others, embraced some churches & released other churches.   Some churches joined, some left & some just related. Which was cool with us.
At times over the years I felt to just let it all go & release everyone to just join something else, but as we came together every year for our gathering it was like The Holy Spirit confirmed our connected-ness with His presence & prophetic confirmation.
It wasn't until 2004 I began to sense God telling me to reach out further than ourselves, & through a series of Holy Spirit leadings, a 5 year time delay, a divine connection was organized with Pioneer UK, which has been proven & confirmed in so many ways. They are all we embrace & so much more of who we need to become & what we need to do, to be the tribe or relationship of churches that will have more effectiveness in the nation of Australia & beyond. Through the apostolic leadership of Billy Kennedy, Pioneer UK has been able to branch out, become stronger & more defined & certainly more effective as Billy & his team have recognized & released the various hubs & spokes of their relationship of churches.
As the one who founded this small relationship of churches called OzReach, I would like to say I'm excited about the future of where Billy Kennedy & the team are taking us. I'm just happy to serve alongside this new team where I can & in whatever capacity.                       
Look with hope to the future.
Much love,
We look forward to seeing you on the 20th.
Please make sure you RSVP and please feel free to pass along this invitation to anyone you think would love to come.
Love Rick, Carolyn and Howard